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New Government statistics show urgent need for new affordable homes.


Shelter responds to government measures to prevent youth homelessness.


New measures to help deal with the persistant problem of youth homelessness has today been announced by the Housing Minister Yvette Cooper.


Crisis Rocks the Boat

Just as things seemed to be going so well, disaster struck to leave plans for a flagship construction industry training facility in tatters.


Women at Work

Julia Evans, chief executive of the National Federation of Builders, is flying the flag for gender equality from the very top.


A Woman's Place?

Is the traditionally male world of construction really ready for Babs the Builder?


An Anti-social Future for Social Housing?

The publication of the Hills Review throws open to question the future of social housing - that was its point - now the fate of four million households is up for grabs in the factional squabble.


Leading real estate consultancy Savills will research the future of deliverable residential development land across England, The Housing Corporation has announced.


It's All Merging Into One...

Housing associations just keep growing, and consultants and lawyers must be rubbing their hands at the prospect of a seemingly endless desire for associations to grow, but what are the real benefit


Just the Job

All Housing Jobs is setting the pace in the online jobseeking market.



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