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Integrated asset management group, Connaught began trading on Monday November 6 on UKLA.


Trials of new home information packs (HIPs) have begun in six locations in England.


Sunderland Housing Group (SHG) is trying to play its part, with the Energy Saving Trust visiting SHG offices across the City to offer advice to tenants and staff to help curb th


26th October 2006 saw the publication of the Local Government white paper, the aim of which is to give local communities more influence and power to improve their lives.


A very British housing revolution

Are modern methods of construction slowly taking over development in this green and pleasant land?

Mark Cantrell investigates.


When the well runs dry

For anyone caught in the October downpours, it might seem ironic that the UK is facing the prospect of serious water shortages in the decades ahead.


Preview - Housebuilding 2006

The Housebuilding 2006 Conference takes place at the Business Design Centre, Islington from 10-11 October 2006.


As if students ever needed a reason to be untidy about the house!


Policies for resolving the country’s housing crisis appear, at best, to be achieving limited results, according to the findings of a report commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree F


The Government’s respect ‘tsar’ Louise Casey has unveiled a new ‘tool kit’ intended to help planners get the best housing density in mixed tenure developments.



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