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Sustain launches project assessment calculation tool

Sustain has developed an innovative tool, the first of its kind in the housing sector, to assess the carbon, cost and funding potential for energy efficiency works, in a fraction of the time that a full RdSAP takes.

Recognising the time constraints involved with carrying out a full, data intensive, RdSAP, Sustain’s Project Assessment Calculation Tool (PACT) draws upon approximately one million pre-calculated scenarios to reduce the 46 fields necessary for an RdSAP down to just nine.
The PACT is designed to guide property owners and housing associations on the energy efficiency rating of their buildings before they embark on a full RdSAP. Organisations that may not have the capabilities to conduct a robust energy analysis are able to draw upon the PACT to streamline their decision-making process to support energy efficiency improvement works or consider programmes of work under ECO, before having to commit to a full RdSAP calculation.
Additionally, the tool is the only of its kind on the market that has ‘size of property’ as a variable when choosing property type for insulating measures (such as external wall insulation). This allows the user to choose from a wide range of external wall areas to produce a more accurate carbon saving estimate. As well as this feature, the PACT utilises a modular design, allowing for both growth and flexibility as demand for the tool’s analysis grows.
Stuart Gray, housing associate at Sustain, said: “We hope that the PACT will allow Housing Associations and Local Authorities to assess the feasibility of an energy efficiency project without the need for extensive data maintenance. Organisations will therefore be able to budget priorities more efficiently using informed analysis about the cost-effectiveness of proposed works, which in turn, should promote more efficient use of resources allocated towards improving the UK housing stock’s energy performance”.

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