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Burglary Hotspots around the UK

Research recently undertaken has highlighted burglary hotspots around the UK. Commissioned by MoneySupermarket, the findings have shown that homes within LS13 postcodes in the Leeds area are most at risk of a burglary.
In London, Stoke Newington was highlighted as the top location for people most likely to claim on house insurance for house burglary. This was followed by the Apperley Bridge area of Bradford and the town of West Bromwich in the Midlands.
Do you pay more home insurance to live in an 'at risk' area?
Just because your home has been highlighted as at an increased risk of being burgled, it does not necessarily mean that the area is more generally prone to crime. It may be that a wealthy area is being targeted, as burglars have greater opportunities to steal more valuable items.
When calculating home insurance, factors such as the area you live in and previous crime data for the area are taken into account. Because of this, you may end up spending more on home insurance premiums if your area has recently been hit by burglaries even if you yourself have not been burgled.
While many agree that this approach needs to change, there are still steps you can make to lower home insurance costs and protect your home from a burglary at the same time.
Prevention and Adequate Cover
Coming home to find your home broken into is a distressing and emotional experience, often leaving you frightened and vulnerable.
There are measures that you can put in place around your home to create a safer environment and lower your insurance premiums. It is worth contacting your insurance company in the first instance to check what improvements or specific makes or models of security measures will help reduce your premiums.
Typical measures include putting deadlocks on all external doors, having a security alarm professionally installed or an outside security lighting system around the house. Most burglars will check for these kinds of measures and will usually avoid trying to break into houses that have them.
You can also install timers on lights inside the house so that they are switched on automatically when it gets dark if you are not home. Always cancel any deliveries such as milk while you are on holiday and get a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on the property.
Never leave valuables within sight of any windows that can be peered into and make sure keys cannot be reached through the letterbox. If a burglar gets hold of your keys, it can be hard to claim a forced entry when making an insurance claim for stolen property.
Always make sure that you are fully covered for all of your possessions and separately list any particularly valuable items such pieces of jewellery.

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