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Welsh Government awards £149,530 to the Wales Co-operative Centre to support Co-operative Housing in Wales project

The Welsh Government has awarded £149,530 to the Wales Co-operative Centre to support the Co-operative Housing in Wales project.

Co-operative housing is a model where groups of people collectively own and manage their accommodation, often with support from a registered social landlord.


The funding, announced by communities and children secretary Carl Sargeant, will help to scale up the project which has already helped to deliver 99 homes across Wales and is supporting the delivery of a further 75 by developing expertise in different co-operative models and providing advice to developers and co-operative groups. 


He said: “This funding will allow the Wales Co-operative Centre to build on the progress they have already made in supporting the development of housing co-operatives in Wales. It is just one of the innovative models of housing the Welsh Government is supporting that will contribute to our ambitious target to deliver 20,000 additional affordable homes in Wales over this term of government.” 


Derek Walker, chief executive of the Wales Co-operative Centre, added: “The funding from the Welsh Government is critical to building on the excellent progress that has already been made with co-operative housing here in Wales. It is clear to see that the people and communities across Wales have grasped with enthusiasm the opportunity for co-operative housing.


“The Wales Co-operative Centre will use this funding from the Welsh Government to pay for experts to work with local co-operative housing projects and help them with the range of support they need.”

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