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Volunteers from the WhyCH Youth Group join forces with Stafford and Rural Homes to help add finishing touches to a £6.7 million regeneration project

A local youth group has joined forces with Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) to help add a few finishing touches to a £6.7 million regeneration project.

Volunteers from the WhyCH Youth Group been busy planting bulbs in plant pots around the Roundhouse Community Room in Sidney Avenue.


The street is at the heart of the housing association’s Total Place project, which has seen the refurbishment of more than 330 properties and the delivery of 35 energy-efficient, affordable homes.

Members of the local community joined the youth group and SARH employees for afternoon tea in the community room, which was also refurbished as part of the regeneration project.


Laura MacPhee, customer engagement advisor at SARH, said: “A huge well done must go to everyone involved in the event which was very well planned. Whilst half of the group were bulb planting, the other half were busy in the kitchen baking some delicious treats to go with the afternoon teas.


“Now the whole community can look forward to an extra dash of colour when the flowers are in full bloom. They will provide the ideal finishing touch to a project that has already transformed an increasingly vibrant area of the town.”


WhyCH is a charitable organisation providing a host of activities for young people and vulnerable adults with learning and social difficulties, aimed at helping them develop important life skills whilst boosting their confidence and independence.


Youth club leader, Tracy Carter, said: “The event really did help to bring the community together, as well as giving local residents the chance to get to know members of our group who thoroughly enjoyed putting their gardening and catering skills to good use.


“SARH has been really supportive of WhyCH for many years and we’d like to thank the organisation and its staff for all their help on the day.”


Caption: Pictured at the bulb planting are (back row, left to right): Youth club leader Debbie Kent, Laura MacPhee from SARH, Natasha Carter, Tracy Carter with (front row) Danny Kent, Holly Oldroyd, Jade Denning, and David James.


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