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Teamwork catches ASB pair, as Magenta Living urges tenants to #ClaimBackYourCommunity

Housing provider Magenta Living says collaborative working has proved the key to eradicating anti-social behaviour (ASB) in one of its neighbourhoods.

The organisation said a spate of incidents in Knowsley Court, Birkenhead, was causing a “nightmare for residents”. These included setting off the fire alarm, throwing stones at windows and the theft of the communal Christmas tree, so it was time to take action.

After spotting ASB issues unfolding on CCTV, the first step was to assign an emergency response team member to keep an eye on the area under the cover of darkness. Patrol cars also provided a visible presence between the hours on 4pm until 11.30pm.

Working alongside Merseyside Police and community leaders, Magenta Living’s tenancy enforcement team reviewed CCTV footage to identify the culprits. By tracking movements and taking stills from the CCTV two young boys where identified, aged 10 and 12.

Paul Robinson, Magenta Living’s emergency response team manager said: “Once we had names, we went round to their homes and sensitively discussed the implications of their actions with the boys and their parents. Aside from the criminal aspect and distress caused to others, their home could be at risk because we have a zero tolerance policy on this type of behaviour. Both youths showed remorse for their actions and Knowsley Court has been ASB free ever since.”

Without partnership working and the CCTV control room, the organisation said Knowsley Court residents would still be blighted with incidents today.

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