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Sheffield Housing Company continues to support ‘Made in Sheffield’ initiative offering work experience to school children

Sheffield Housing Company (SHC) is continuing to support the ‘Made in Sheffield’ initiative by offering student ambassadors, aged 13-16, a range of experiences both in school and in the workplace.


The programme aims to develop young people’s job-ready skills and attitudes and their understanding of what working in the construction sector means and can offer.


It incorporates a week of work experience activities linked to construction and the most recent students to benefit were from Fir Vale School. They were able spend time in the Construction Zone which SHC helped to fund at Chaucer School, where youngsters from both schools were able to gain hands on experience in a variety of trades.


Working together, using a variety of tools and techniques, both girls and boys were excited to be using the range of equipment that the zone has to offer.  The Chaucer students were alaos able to share their skills and expertise with others.


Claudia Clarke, project lead at Fir Vale School, said:  “Work experience is very important as it provides our students with a real insight into the world of work. Also, it presents them with a first-hand opportunity to develop the skills they will need to work with adults and as members of a team.”


Sarah Hopkinson, community engagement and investment co-ordinator with SHC construction partner, Keepmoat, added:  “This event really demonstrated the benefits of our strong engagement and investment, relationships and partnership approach with Sheffield schools, from very different areas and demographics.  By working together, through the vehicle for learning and development, with a construction theme, we were all able to benefit. Many thanks to all who supported.”


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