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Salix Homes announces £38m Decent Homes on more than 4,000 Salford homes

A Salford housing provider has said it will invest £38 million to improve more than 4,000 homes across the city.

Over the next three years Salix Homes will carry out a major investment programme to homes across the city.

The improvements, which include external and internal works to thousands of homes, is also said to include an extensive environmental programme to “enhance” local communities.

The work is the continuation of housing association’s £75 million commitment to improve its homes and communities.

This large-scale programme was implemented after tenants in Salford voted to transfer ownership of their homes from Salford City Council to Salix Homes in 2015.

The housing provider has made a pledge to make sure all of its 8,300 homes are brought up to the Government’s Decent Homes standard by 2020.

Salix Homes will deliver the programme through specialist contractors as well as its own internal investment team. The investment programme will include work on houses, flats and a number of high-rise blocks.

Lee Sugden, chief executive at Salix Homes, said: “We are delighted to announce we’re going to invest £38m over the next three years, delivering ambitious and exciting plans to improve homes to a standard our customers deserve.

“We made a commitment to our tenants that we would bring all our homes to Decent Homes standard and invest in homes and communities that the people of Salford can be proud of.

“This 2017/2020 investment programme builds on the considerable and substantial improvements that have already been made to thousands of our homes since becoming a stand-alone registered housing provider.

“A huge amount of work has gone into making our 2015/17 investment programme happen and our staff are excited about delivering further improvements to our homes and communities.

“These improvements are no more evident than on our iconic Pendleton tower blocks – Magnolia, Mulberry and Sycamore courts – where we’ve almost completed major works on.

“A huge priority for us is making sure our investment programme has a wider, positive impact on the community.

“So that’s why with every £1 million invested, contractors will have to commit to creating at least two apprenticeships for local people. We have already done this over the last two years with more than 70 roles created.”

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