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New housing association Optivo goes live

New housing association Optivo has launched today, created out of the merger of AmicusHorizon and Viridian, to create one of the UK’s largest providers.

The new organisation operates in London, the South East of England, and in the Midlands, with over 44,000 homes on its books, and will have an annual turnover of £306 million.

Optivo is claimed to have the capacity to build 1,500 homes every year from 2021, and plans to invest £3.5bn in new homes over the next 10 years. It intends to raise £1.5bn of new finance to support its growth programme.

“Today marks the beginning of Optivo and the start of an exciting new journey,” said Paul Hackett, Optivo’s chief executive. “We’re now ‘one team’ and will be able to build more new homes than we could have done as separate organisations.

“Optivo will respond positively to the challenges of the housing crisis while looking to deliver sector-leading services. We look forward to working with our partners to meet housing need and creating safe, sustainable communities for our residents.

“Residents will remain at the heart of everything we do – this will set us apart and drive success, and is why other organisations will want to work together with us.”

Nick Apetroaie, the new organisation’s deputy chief executive, added: “At Optivo we want to meet housing need at all levels, from low income households to aspiring professionals. But we’re also passionate about increasing people’s life opportunities and showing we care about their futures. We’ll do all we can to help them flourish by providing access to education and employment support, along with supporting their health and wellbeing.”

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What is going to happen to those who have been on the transfer list for many of years on a high Priority ?

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