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Modular homes first for Midland Heart in Coventry

Midland Heart has made its first venture into modular construction with a housing development in Coventry.

The four three-bedroom properties on Modular Mews in Foleshill are part of a pilot scheme delivered in partnership with developers Central Site and Coventry City Council.

Work on the scheme started toward the end of 2016 and during one weekend in February all four homes were craned in after being built off-site at a factory in Nuneaton. Construction of the development was completed within six weeks.

Midland Heart’s director for development, Chris Miller said: “It’s been an incredibly interesting journey as we prepared the site and watched all four homes being built in just a couple of days.

“Modular homes are just one of the options we are exploring to deal with the effects of the housing crisis and are part of our commitment to build 2,000 new homes across the Midlands over the next five years.”

It is claimed that the properties have been built to an “incredibly” high standard of both design and environmental sustainability making them cost-effective to run and maintain.

Each property includes amongst other amenities an externally fitted electric car charging port and walls that can be removed so properties can be easily adapted.

Brian Maunder at Central Site said: “It was a pleasure to work with Midland Heart on delivering the first modular homes in Coventry, the first of many.”

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