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Link answers the call with plans to build 3,200 new affordable homes

A Scottish housing association has announced plans to build thousands of new affordable homes over the next five years.

Link Group has confirmed it will built 3,200 new homes, after almost doubling its proposed development expenditure to £401 million. This was in response to the Scottish Government’s call for 50,000 new affordable homes, including 35,000 for social rent.

Building on its success of completing 332 new homes in 2016/17 (254 for social rent, 87 for mid market rent and 39 for shared equity) and 200 in each of the previous six years, Link said it aims to invest more than £226 million (net of subsidy and sales income) to deliver what it says is an unprecedented number of new homes.

Two thirds of these new homes will be for social rent, it said, thereby making a “significant contribution” to tackling the country’s affordable housing requirement.

Roy Stirrat, Link Group’s chairman, said: “The approved development programme highlights our commitment to maintaining our track record of developing high quality affordable housing for those most in need. We continue to be very successful in securing grant funding for new projects and, with the benefit of improved benchmark funding levels, social housing development continues to be the mainstay of our development programme.

“We are committed not only to building new homes, but also to improving the lives of the people who live there. We will continue to develop services and projects which help people into jobs, increase digital skills, improve neighbourhoods and ensure people feel safe and supported so that they can reach their full potential.”

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