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Lambeth council sets out new housing strategy

Lambeth Council has agreed its new Housing Strategy for 2017-2020, setting out its plan to deliver more homes in the borough.

The strategy agreed by the cabinet covers all aspects of housing, and will see the council play a much more important role in the direct delivery of new homes, the authority said.

A major part of the strategy includes the establishment of Homes for Lambeth, a council owned company that will build thousands of new homes in the borough and reinvest the money usually made by private developers, into things like more council rent-level housing.

The council is already building new council homes for the first time in a generation, and programmes to rebuild six large estates in the borough are underway, to provide better homes to existing residents and new homes of all types.

The council claims it is on track to deliver its pledge of 1,000 new council homes by 2019 and by the end of 2017/18, will have brought more than 20,000 homes up to Lambeth Housing Standard.

The strategy also places an emphasis on working closely with residents and partners such as the NHS and other major landowners in the borough, to deliver the housing strategy.

Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite, cabinet member for housing and environment, said: “This strategy shows that Lambeth is serious about taking greater control of the housing supply in our borough.

“Too many people are being priced out of renting or owning their home, but by building more homes through our own company and reinvesting the money made by private sales, we can help redress the balance, providing better homes for our residents and more homes to help those people on our housing waiting list.”

Lambeth’s housing waiting list currently stands at 23,000 households.

The Lambeth Housing Strategy 2017-2020 will focus on delivering four key objectives relating to housing:

·         Increase housing supply, in particular genuinely affordable housing

·         Maintain and improve the quality of housing in Lambeth across all tenures

·         Provide assistance to residents at risk of becoming homeless and specialist support to vulnerable residents and those with social care needs

·         Work more closely with other services to positively impact on health and social care, children’s development, neighbourhood cohesion and community safety

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