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Jamming Bollywood in Bradford as Hanover residents get in tune with Indian music

Residents of an extra care scheme in Bradford were serenaded Bollywood-style when they were treated to a masterclass in Indian music.

The session took place at Dove Court, operated by Hanover Housing Association, as part of its musical memories initiative.

QED Foundation offered up the sights and sounds of percussion instruments from the subcontinent, but residents were also able to give it a go themselves.

The QED program was established to help improve the health and wellbeing of older people in the Bradford area by increasing self-confidence and helping reduce isolation through music therapy.

Along with help from trained volunteers, participants are encouraged to interact with the music by learning how to play instruments such as the table, dhol and harmonium. QED recently received funding from the Postcode Community Trust to provide sessions for older people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in the West Yorkshire city.

Among the participants, 67-year-old Mary Austin was able to give playing the tabla a go, challenging her fellow residents to keep up with her fast paced rhythm.

She said: “Having experienced the delights of the swing era and bebop, to listening to the modern day ballads of the likes of Cliff Richard, I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to take part. It really gets the circulation moving.”

The residents were joined at the music feast by The Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Geoff Reid, and the Lady Mayoress, Chris Reid.

Also attending the jam session was Hanover’s chairman Dr Stuart Burgess, who said: “This has been a hugely successful and entertaining gathering. It is testament to our ongoing commitment to engage with the many vibrant cultures in Bradford and we look forward to working with QED to host further interactive events like this in the future.”

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