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Housing and planning minister Gavin Barwell calls for greater integration of River Thames in growth of London

Housing and planning minister Gavin Barwell has called for greater integration of the River Thames in the growth of London.


He joined Port of London Authority (PLA) chief executive Robin Mortimer to discuss how the Thames Vision, the 20-year growth plan for the river, will help to connect communities.


With London’s population expected to grow to more than 11 million by 2050 the river Thames is ideally placed to play a key role in supplying construction materials, helping to take lorries off the road and improve air quality.


The PLA wants to see the river planned into developments from the start, with accessible waterfronts for walking and sports, combined with passenger piers and freight facilities.


“We need to be sure new developments connect us to the river, allowing people to walk unhindered along the Thames path, maintaining this wonderful open space and bringing greater access to everyone,” said Barwell.


“We could also benefit from further infrastructure to allow our services like waste and construction materials to be transferred from the land to the water and piers for people to use the river to commute to work.”


Mortimer added: “People love the river for its iconic open views, access to nature and sporting activities and it is important that as new houses and business space is built, we utilise this space to get the most out of it for everyone.”



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