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Honour of the Hive: Salix Homes commemorates deceased councillor Harry Davies

A Salford landlord has named a new training and accommodation centre in honour of a local beekeeper and councillor who passed away in 2016.

Salix Homes has named its ground-breaking hub – The Hive – in honour of Councillor Harry Davies.

The 55-year-old was a well-respected councillor for the Kersal area, where the facility is located - well known for his passions for beekeeping, gardening and generally making a positive difference to people’s lives.

Davies’ widow Linda and son Wes enjoyed an early look of the innovative centre, which will soon have its first tenants moving in, the housing association said.

Joined by representatives from Salix Homes and Seddon, Davies’ family were delighted his memory will live on through this regenerated facility that will ultimately provide a safe haven for 18 to 25 year olds to live in while they work, complete their education or undertake training.

This ground-breaking development is part of Salix Homes’ flagship scheme, dubbed the Salford Working Out Project, and will be the first of its kind in Greater Manchester and among only a handful in the country who provide a similar offer.

Linda Davies said: “This is an extremely proud moment, one that Harry would have been overwhelmed and proud of. Harry worked extremely hard for his community and made a positive difference to so many lives, the same aspirations this wonderful facility has. He would have loved the name of the centre, as beekeeping was a huge passion of his and that the centre will be helping young people better their lives.”

Davies was chairman of the Kersal Vale Allotment and Horticultural Society, where he set up and ran a successful bee ‘laboratory’ project, linking in with local schools to provide learning opportunities.

He was only elected as councillor in 2015, but had already made a positive name for himself among colleagues as a dedicated and passionate public servant.

Sue Sutton, executive director of operations at Salix Homes said: “Harry was a wonderful community champion and had such a passion for the area where he lived. In recent years we worked closely with him and the Kersal Vale Beekeepers, including when they created commemorative ‘Taste of Honey’ honey pots to mark Shelagh Delaney Day.

“In what has been an extremely sad time for the area, in losing someone like Harry, we hope that by naming The Hive in his honour, will ensure his legacy lives on, transforming the lives of local young people for the better.”

Salix Homes will work alongside local skills and education providers to deliver training programmes and employment opportunities, as well as one-to-one support and coaching for its 14 residents.

It’s anticipated that residents will stay at the new facility for up to 12 months, after which Salix Homes will assist them into permanent accommodation.

Duncan Williams, regional director at Seddon, said: “We’re delighted that the centre is being named in honour of Harry. The Seddon team has put every effort into making the facility a place in which lives can be transformed, so it’s fantastic to see The Hive come to life with a fitting name. I’m sure that the centre will make a lasting, positive difference to the local community, just as Harry has."

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