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HCA grants investment partner status to Basildon’s Sempra Homes

A council’s housing company has been granted £1.7 million in funding after being granted investment partner status by the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA).

Sempra Homes, wholly owned by Basildon Council, will put the money towards the development of shared ownership homes across the borough.

Scott Logan, chairman of Sempra Homes, said, “This is fantastic news for Sempra to receive this status and funding. Sempra’s shared ownership homes will provide residents that aspire to own their own home with an opportunity to get a footing on the housing ladder by purchasing a share in a home and eventually purchasing further shares to ultimately have 100% ownership.”

Sempra Homes is getting started on its new homes delivery programme and initial development sites at Long Lynderswood, Basildon and Roman Way, Billericay will provide shared ownership homes.

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