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Communities and children secretary Carl Sargeant announces funding boost for regeneration projects including the creation of 80 homes

Communities and children secretary Carl Sargeant has announced funding for 23 regeneration projects across 12 local authorities in Wales.

The £3.7 million cash boost will help to create or safeguard more than 80 new jobs, 20 traineeships and over 80 new homes.


Projects include demolishing a derelict pub in Tredegar to allow the building of 28 affordable homes; providing supported accommodation for up to eight homeless people each year in Caernarfon; the creation of a 3G facility adjacent to the existing stadium at Parc Eirias in Colwyn Bay which will create or safeguard 17 jobs and the development of commercial property in Swansea which will enable the creation of 40 jobs.


The money from the Vibrant and Viable Places programme is a mixture of newly allocated funding and the reallocation of underspent funds from other projects. 


“This additional £3.7 million is a big boost to these 23 regeneration projects across Wales which will make a very real difference to their local communities,” said Sargeant.


“As well as improving important local services and facilities, the funding will create jobs and traineeships, boost the housing supply and create environments in which small businesses can flourish.


“These projects are an excellent example of how regeneration funding is supporting important improvements that will benefit whole communities.”


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