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Basildon Council’s Sempra Homes submits plans for homes on Rayside East garage site

A planning application has been submitted to Basildon Council to build three homes on an underused garage site at Rayside East.

The two-bedroom properties will replace 36 garages, 34 of which were not in use and provision is being made to offer alternative parking to the two affected residents.


The homes will be developed for shared ownership by Sempra Homes  – a commercial arm of Basildon Council set up to develop quality housing across the borough.


 The development will also provide 15 parking spaces, six of which will be allocated to the new homes.


Mandie Skeat, Basildon Council’s head of housing and community services, said: “The New Homes Programme will see Basildon’s first new council homes built in three decades.


The council is committed to redeveloping underused parcels of land which will help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.”


Melanie Keys, Sempra Homes manager, added:  “Sempra Homes is committed to providing quality new homes for residents and reviving local areas which are at risk of falling into disrepair.


“This proposed development will provide opportunity for residents to get their first steps on the property ladder by owning a share of their own property and paying 'affordable rent' on the remainder. With the option of buying more shares and eventually owning 100 per cent.”

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