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Approval granted for Sempra Homes’ schemes in Wickford

Basildon Council’s planning committee has given the go-ahead to proposals for new homes on two underused sites in Wickford.

The two applications were submitted by Sempra Homes for housing developments in Thackeray Road and Kershaw Close, off Nevendon Road.

The developments, which will provide a total of 10 new homes, will all be “affordable” rent and let to local people on Basildon Council’s homeseeker register.

In Thackeray Road, two existing garage blocks will be demolished and four terraced two-bedroom homes, with two parking spaces per property, built in its place.

The development in Kershaw Close will see a disused community hall demolished and replaced with four two-bedroom terraced homes and two two-bedroom flats.

There will be two parking spaces per home and 13 extra spaces for general use.

Sempra Homes is a commercial arm of Basildon Council set up to develop housing across the borough.

The developments off Nevendon Road are part of Sempra’s plans to create more than 580 new homes across Basildon borough in the next five years.

Melanie Keys, manager of Sempra Homes, said: “Sempra Homes will provide a range of tenures including affordable rent, shared ownership, market rent and market sale.

“These homes will provide something for everyone, from singles and couples looking to buy their first home, to families needing extra space, as well as older people wanting to downsize and enjoy their retirement.

“As well as providing much-needed good quality housing that is well designed, secure and affordable to heat, Sempra will also deliver a range of other benefits on its development sites ensuring unsightly and underused areas can be revamped to be more attractive to the public.”

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