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Zip Heaters (UK) Ltd


Zip Heaters (UK) Ltd
14 Bertie Ward Way
NR19 1TE Dereham , Norfolk
United Kingdom
Phone: 0845 602 4533
Fax: 01362 692 448

The world leader for instant boiling + chilled + filtered drinking water
HydroTap saves time
HydroTap dispenses freshly filtered boiling and chilled water at the touch of a button so you can make perfect tasting tea and coffee in an instant. In a typical office where a kettle is boiled on average every twenty minutes HydroTap can save over an hour of working time each day.
HydroTap saves energy
When it comes to energy saving, HydroTap excels. Independent tests conducted by Aston University in the UK show that HydroTap is up to 40% more energy efficient than a kettle. In addition, there is a choice of two sleep modes which can be set automatically to power down the unit when not in use - making even further savings.
Elegant design
The compact and elegant design of the HydroTap is totally in keeping with a modern environment. It has won prestigious design awards in Australia, and in the UK was a finalist in the Grand Designs Kitchen Appliance Awards

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