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Renewable energy scheme will see Maindenbower homes heated by nearby stream

Work is underway to install renewable heating system into a block of flats in Maidenbower, Crawley.

Crawley Borough Council’s housing repairs contractors, Mitie, is working in partnership with Baystar, building engineers specialising in sustainable energy solutions, to install a renewable source of energy to Schaffer House.

The two existing boilers will be replaced with a ‘water source heat pump’ that takes heat from the nearby stream and uses it to provide space heating and hot water to the tenants of Schaffer House.

Costing £86,000, the council will see a combined annual income and savings of up to £12,700 and a carbon reduction of 49%.

“This is a great development for the council and I’m pleased to see that we’re becoming as energy efficient as possible while saving money in the long run,” said Councillor Stephen Joyce, the borough council’s cabinet member for housing.

Tessa Guy, director of Baystar, added: “Water source heat pumps provide a great sustainable energy solution where there is a water source such as a stream, like here at Schaffer House. We are excited that Crawley Borough Council believe in the benefits of the system. The system is better for the environment and better for their pockets in the long-term, and we’re looking forward to optimising the energy efficiency of Schaffer House for the council and its residents.”

The new system will work effectively while temperatures are above freezing and the property will have a brand new backup boiler installed if temperatures drop below freezing.

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