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Kensa Heat Pumps and EDF Energy have won an award for a partnership which has cut residents’ bills by £25,000

A partnership between EDF Energy and Kensa Heat Pumps has won a national award after reducing annual energy bills in 75 homes by 50% and CO2 emissions by 65%, in just 18 months.

Kensa and EDF Energy took the title of ‘Sustainable Project of the Year’ at The Heating & Ventilating Review Awards for a partnership project, which delivered six off-gas grid ground source heat pump schemes for Coastline Housing, North Devon Homes, and Westward Housing.


The project involved the replacement of old, costly and inefficient night storage heaters with a Kensa ‘Shoebox’ ground source heat pump fitted inside bungalows, houses and flats, with each of the heat pumps connected to ‘micro’ communal ground arrays, where two or more properties share a borehole.


The ‘micro-district’ method removes the issues surrounding communal plantrooms and shared bills, and also creates access to upfront Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding via the Kensa and EDF Energy partnership. This is in addition to the Government’s Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which combined with ECO allows social landlords to fully recover their installation costs and create a regular income stream for 20 years to potentially fund other property improvement measures. 


“The projects recognised in this award-winning partnership are pioneers of a more sustainable approach to heating social houses. Tenants benefit from the lowest cost heating and the exceptional reliability and durability of the technology minimises on-going servicing and maintenance costs for the landlord.  Best of all, the initial capital investment, which is reduced thanks to the ECO grants provided by EDF Energy, is entirely recovered via RHI payments,” said Simon Lomax, managing director of Kensa Heat Pumps.


“We are grateful that EDF Energy had the foresight to realise the potential for ‘micro’ heat networks and are pleased that their faith has been rewarded with exceptional feedback from many housing associations.  We look forward to delivering more schemes in 2017 as there is no better heating system for social housing.”


Mark Dallen, business development account manager at EDF Energy, added: “We are so pleased that that our unique partnership with Kensa Heat Pumps has been recognised and won this national award.  This demonstrates the great work we have achieved with Kensa Heat Pumps in tackling fuel poverty and providing low carbon energy across the UK.”


Typically, the homes benefitting from EDF Energy and Kensa’s partnership are occupied by elderly, disabled and/or socially vulnerable tenants, who are struggling with fuel poverty. The housing associations were receiving complaints about high running costs, inefficiency, difficult heating controls, increased illness and poor levels of thermal comfort.

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