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Hanover Housing Association embarks on programme to replace electric storage heaters with gas boilers and radiators

Hanover Housing Association has embarked on a £400,000 programme to replace electric storage heaters in its properties with more efficient gas boilers and new radiators.


Specialist gas and energy engineering firm Clairglow carried out the installation across 68 properties in Hornchurch.


Residents will see the cost of their energy bills reduced by up to 40% by the system which includes time and temperature controls and a room thermostat, which switches off the boiler when the property reaches a comfortable temperature.  Further control of individual room temperatures is possible by means of the thermostatic radiator valves fitted to each radiator. 


While energy switching from electric to gas has helped make some significant savings, it has not always been possible to do as some estates lacked the necessary infrastructure, so Hanover decided to fund the infrastructure improvement works being carried out by National Grid.


James Smith, technical manager, at Hanover said: “This is one of a number of innovative solutions Hanover is using to bring cost effective savings to some of our more rural estates, reducing our carbon foot print and reducing energy bills for residents.


“As an added bonus we managed to secure some £30,000 retrospective funding from the government’s Affordable Warmth Scheme, which allows us to ensure new, energy efficient heating is in place that will improve the energy efficiency of all our properties in the area.”


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