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Green team looks to deliver community energy schemes in South Wales

A property and construction consultancy is working with partners in Wales to launch a community energy scheme that could help thousands of residents save money.

Property Tectonics has teamed up with Being-greener, part of Melin Homes, and Resero Energy, as well as other key stakeholders to bring forward green energy schemes in South Wales.

An initial event hosted by Being-greener at Melin Homes was attended by representatives of local authorities, the Welsh Government, registered social landlords and Swansea University, along with Property Tectonics Directors Professor Trevor Mole and Alex Matthias.

“This is a really exciting time as we come together with the common goal to establish community energy initiatives in South Wales,” said Mole. “By working together communities can take control of their energy usage and generation; reducing bills and carbon emissions.”

Community energy projects involve collective action to reduce consumption, improve energy efficiency and generate energy.

This could mean whole community groups switching energy suppliers to get a better deal, coming together to purchase and maintain renewable energy equipment such as wind turbines and solar panels, or jointly switching to a renewable heat source such as a biomass boiler. It could also mean using Active Demand Management to control peak energy use.

The projects are managed locally by communities with all involved benefitting from the outcomes.

“Community Energy provides the opportunity for people with low incomes to pay a fair price for their energy without being penalised as they are now. This is a real opportunity for social housing landlords and local authorities to address fuel poverty,” said Allison Cawley, Being-greener manager at Melin Homes.

“We would like to hear from any local authorities or registered social landlords who may be interested in being involved in exploring bringing this energy revolution to their neighbourhoods.”

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