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SitexOrbis is the UK's leading supplier of Integrated Property and Security Services. We provide an innovative range of empty property security solutions and a wide range of cleaning & clearing services.

Since 1983 Frontier Software has been a leading provider of specialist Human Resource and Payroll systems. Today, more than 1300 clients in a huge range of industries rely on their easy to use and infinitely adaptable products.

Glidevale is one of the most experienced companies in the market today, offering a wide range of ventilation and roofing accessory products.

A pioneer in natural ventilation, the Passivent name is recognised for providing innovative yet practical solutions for the ventilation of both domestic and commercial buildings.

We at Sangamo recognise the importance of energy efficiency by designing and manufacturing high quality, energy efficient products - from electronic and electromechanical time switches; to custom made lighting solutions.


Bagnalls is a leading painting and decorating contractor as well as undertaking refurbishment and concrete repair work.


With over 21 years experience of working in Public Sector recruitment, Network Recruitment Partnership have an unrivalled in-depth understanding of its client's organisations and their requirements.


Joyner Group commenced as a specialist service provider to the construction industry during 1982.


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