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Right-to-Buy of housing association homes is tantamount to theft, but stealing away social housing is nothing new, writes Mark Cantrell – the political class has done it for decades


Iain Duncan Smith says the Bedroom Tax is working, but a report from the National Housing Federation has revealed the “devastating” impact it’s having on poorer communities. It’s enough to make you wonder, writes Mark Cantrell, what the Government’s objectives really are?


Arguing about the morality and fairness of welfare reform is a distraction from the deeper realities of Britain’s broken housing market and the long-standing failure to build enough homes of the right type, writes Mark Cantrell


A few weeks back, the boss threw a new role my way when he made me the literary editor of Excel’s new web-based publishing venture, Cheshire Today. Well curious serendipity, the first book to come my way happened to have a rather familiar theme – housing.


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